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Knokkelklang – Jeg begraver

Terratur Possessions just released this album, which is now available from our distro. Both limited splatter and regular black LP is available, as well as the CD version.

Listen to a sample.



Enge Store – Inn i en uskarp dag

Reaping time has come, and Gravgaver celebrate the season by finally offering a new tape release.

Enge Store-Inn i en uskarp dag tape
Enge Store started out as an expedition to explore sonorous acoustic soundscapes. We didn’t leave our souls behind. Along lost ways towards a blurred day – “Inn i en uskarp dag” is what we have found so far.

Listen to Enge Store here.

See the distribution section on this page for info on how to order.
Distribution in North America through Sans Issue.


Ash and bones – distro update

Askeregn-Monumenter LP, CD and tape
The debut LP of Askeregn is now available from the Gravgaver distro. Cassette released by Tour de Garde, LP and CD released by Terratur Possessions.

Knokkelklang-Kalk og Aske LP
Originally released on tape by Fossbrenna Creations, this recording is now dug up again and released on vinyl by Terratur Possessions.

Also a few copies of Knokkelklang-Avgrunnens Klangverk and Vordr/Askeregn-split 7″ is available.

The distro is temporarily closed

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